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Scarf Desirée Sessegolo

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The artist used the technique of cellular glass, a process that involves digital reproduction of an image with small pieces of glass that undergo a process of burning and polishing. The glass sculpture created for the collection favors shades of blue and textures saturated with perforations and was reproduced on a canvas screen with macro photography.

DIMENSIONS: 35 in X 35 in

WEIGHT: 2 oz.

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Positive carbon balance of this silk article:

peg1 Carbon Footprint¹: 1,3 kg

Carbon footprint from silkworm cocoon production up to arrival to your hands.

 Carbon Mitigation²: 38 kg

A diminished carbon footprint thanks to the mulberry plants that support  silk production.

 Mulberry Trees³: 6 trees

This is the necessary number of mulberry trees needed to this item production. Silkworm feed only on fresh mulberry leaves, cultivated without pesticides.

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